Heads up: Translate Firefox and Thunderbird keywords

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Fri Apr 6 08:03:02 UTC 2012

> > +1 for keeping the English words and adding the localized words.
> >
> > regards
> > Yann
> >
> I've actually asked this in the #ubuntu-unity channel, and it is not
> encouraged, since it could lead users to wonder why an application shows
> up that has nothing to do with the localised search term they have typed
> in. (If a translated search term is similar to the untranslated English
> for another program).

OK thanks. Indeed that's not a problem because in the wiki we can write
more keywords than in English, so each LoCo Team can choose if it is
relevant to add English words or not.

OTHER SUBJECT: i see that "Web" and "Browser" have been added to the
English keywords. Does it mean that the (localized) strings of the Name (eg
"Firefox Web Browser"), of the Comment ("Browse the World Wide Web") and
the Generic Name ("Web Browser") are NOT INCLUDED by default in the search
results? what about the executable name, eg "firefox" ? do we need to add
them in the keywords ?

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