Status of the Ubuntu Docs in Natty+Oneiric

Hannie lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Thu Jul 14 07:49:02 UTC 2011

Op 13-07-11 11:40, David Planella schreef:
> That's correct. Note that since you guys are now using the upstream
> project and translations sharing, you can benefit from the Ubuntu
> translations and get them committed automatically to the upstream
> branch, without the need of manually exporting them as in the past.
> That means that you can have translations done in Ubuntu updated daily
> in the upstream branch. During the development cycle we're releasing
> language packs weekly, so if you combine that with regular uploads of
> the ubuntu-docs package (do not need to be weekly, perhaps biweekly or
> monthly), these translations will make it to the language packs. This
> way translators can see the result of their work on a regular basis and
> react much quicker to fix mistakes.
Hi David,
Does this mean the translation of gnome-user-docs/Natty will be 
automatically uploaded to/committed at Gnome-nl? I manually uploaded the 
first part of our translation about a week ago, and it was committed 
afterwards. But from what you say here I suppose that is no longer 

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