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El dc 22 de 09 de 2010 a les 14:02 +0000, en/na Tom Davies va escriure:
> Hi :)
> I found these few paragraphs
> fascinating.  The simple statements that the translation process may be stated 
> as:
> 	1. Decoding the meaning of the source text; and
> 	2. Re-encoding this meaning in the target language.suggests that people here 
> are not just translating individual words or even individual sentences into the 
> target languages but are taking the meanings of paragraphs or even longer 
> structures and converting into the target language's grammer.  This seems like a 
> massively complex operation.  Just understanding the meaning of any particular 
> page is beyond the scope of many people.  I understand a lot about the basic 
> install process, partitioning and so on but any wireless or networking stuff is 
> almost impossible for me to even just read and i still don't understand it after 
> reading.
> Having tried to get some sort of "machine translation" automated in some way has 
> led me to a much greater respect of anyone involved in translations, especially 
> for any OpenSource projects (even those few that are lucky enough to get paid 
> for some of their work)
> Many regards from
> Tom :)

That's a nice praise to the awesome work translators do. Thanks Tom for
sharing this!

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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