Suggestion: Faster lanugage pack update after final release

Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Thu Sep 23 22:24:01 BST 2010

Hallo everyone

I would also really like to have regular, fast and frequent language
pack releases, so I think we should try and get this thread going
again. I have made a draft[1] for a template, from which we can create
language pack release schedules for the individual releases. I have
already discussed this with David to work in some of his ideas for the
schedule and now I would very much like your feedback.

The schedule is designed in such a way, that there will be 5 language
pack updates for an ordinary release and 8 for a LTS. The first one
will be made already after 2 weeks, to allow us to get rid of those
very few but very ugly mistakes that sometimes pop up.

The amount of releases may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that you
are not _required_ to release a language pack on all these occasions.
These will work merely as the times where you have the _opportunity_
to release one. The idea is that if you want to release a language
pack, you should test it in the way described in the quality assurance
page[2] and put your language name on the list (we will then reset the
page after each language pack release), and if you don't want to
release a language pack update you simply do nothing ;)

Let me know what you think.
Regards Kenneth Nielsen


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