Reminder: Ubuntu One E-Mail translation and other bits and pieces

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Sep 7 14:28:16 BST 2010

Hi translators,

Ubuntu One Welcome E-mail

Here's a reminder about the translations for the Ubuntu One welcome
e-mail, as we'll be collecting them on NonLanguagePackDeadline on the
16th of September (in 9 days). You've been submitting lots of
translations, so great work to those who've done them! For the other
languages, remember to leave your translations in the wiki before the

It'd be great to have translations for Arabic, Greek, Traditional
Chinese... and many more!

For more info, see [1].

Some additional notes:

      * Asturian, Hungarian, Uyghur translators: translation should be
        enclosed in {{{}}} as the original. Do you think you could fix
        the translations? Thanks!
      * Galician, Hebrew, Brazilian, Slovenian, Simplified Chinese,
        Portuguese, Russian translators: From:, To:, Subject: should not
        be translated. Do you think you could fix the translations?

Other Interesting Translations

While preparing the Ubuntu One E-mail page, I thought I should add pages
for other translations not handled by language packs, in an attempt to
make the translation process a bit easier.

You'll find those here:

I'd target also NonLanguagePackDeadline on the 16th of September to
include those done there.

I hope you find them helpful.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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