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Hi :)

I just tried to forward this message from LibreOffice Mailing List although you 
have probably got this already.  Just in case though ... 

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[tdf-announce] New Mailinglist: l10n at libreoffice.org
      5 - ??? <andre.schnabel at gmx.net>

[tdf-announce] New Mailinglist: l10n at libreoffice.org

"André Schnabel" <andre.schnabel at gmx.net>
"" <discuss at documentfoundation.org>, "" <l10n at libreoffice.org>, "" 
<announce at documentfoundation.org>Hi,

the mailing list for translation related work l10n at libreoffice.org is up and 

Subscription works as for the other lists:
  l10n+subscribe at libreoffice.org
  l10n+subscribe-digest at libreoffice.org
Archives at http://www.libreoffice.org/lists/l10n/

For all who are interested in translating LibO, workflows, setting up the inital 
infrastructure ... please subscribe to the list.

As we are translators and our workflow is related to the development, please 
subscribe to libreoffice at lists.freedesktop.org as well. This might help to get a 
common understanding of developer and translators :)

For people who are waiting for more lists: they will be created soon.


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List archives are available at http://www.documentfoundation.org/lists/announce/

Many regards from
Tom :)

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