serious breakage of DDTP description in Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese

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Wed Mar 31 18:01:40 BST 2010

Hi Fumihito,

El dc 31 de 03 de 2010 a les 23:45 +0900, en/na Fumihito YOSHIDA va
> Hi lists,
>     First, I apology for the my rough stuff (and poor english).

No need to apologise :-) Most of us on this list are not native English
speakers, and we know how difficult it can be to express oneself in
another language sometimes. Furthermore, I don't think your English is

> I know that translators- are *not* bug reporting lists, but this is
> (translation related) and serious problem for Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese
> users with software-center.

Thanks for the heads up. I have now added a bug task for the
ubuntu-translations project in Launchpad. I spoke to the current
maintainer, Michael Vogt (mvo) about it, and he milestoned the bug for
Beta 2.

Please, feel free to discuss any other issues either on this list or
reporting them as bugs, as you've already done.

>     Today, Nobuto Murata(pores_n; Japanese LoCo member) reports DDTP
> related serious bugs with Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese[1]. They caused by
> (maybe) LP's auto-fill (inserting \n per 50 half-width chars) function
> of translation export process. Example DDTP files are;
>  - Japanese           :
>  - Simplified Chinese :
>  - Taiwanese          :
>    (Traditional Chinese)
>     And, that reproduce with another components(universe)[2].
>     When you check these files, you can explorer many "Black-squre with ? mark"
> at lines-end. There "?" mark are broken characters.
>     In translation process on LP, it seems collect[3]. But exported there,
> that breaks by something invisible hands. In Debian's, there DDTP files
> are not breakage. They are well auto-filled[4]. IMHO, that is LP's bug.
>    And, in software-center, these breakage characters are reject in
> description view, users can not see DDTP descriptions[5]. At least,
> in Japanese, many many many packages DDTP are affected this.
> So, my proposition are:
>  - Anyone know these DDTP export process?

We've got a section for that on
20translations, but we haven't had a chance to document it yet.
Basically translations are done in Launchpad and then uploaded by

>  - Anyone know Ubuntu's DDTP translation responsible?

Michael Vogt. If you've got questions on this, you can find him usually
on the #ubuntu-devel channel on IRC, his nick is mvo.

I hope this helped clarifying things.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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