serious breakage of DDTP description in Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese

Fumihito YOSHIDA hito at
Wed Mar 31 15:45:43 BST 2010

Hi lists,

    First, I apology for the my rough stuff (and poor english).
I know that translators- are *not* bug reporting lists, but this is
(translation related) and serious problem for Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese
users with software-center.

    Today, Nobuto Murata(pores_n; Japanese LoCo member) reports DDTP
related serious bugs with Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese[1]. They caused by
(maybe) LP's auto-fill (inserting \n per 50 half-width chars) function
of translation export process. Example DDTP files are;

 - Japanese           :
 - Simplified Chinese :
 - Taiwanese          :
   (Traditional Chinese)

    And, that reproduce with another components(universe)[2].

    When you check these files, you can explorer many "Black-squre with ? mark"
at lines-end. There "?" mark are broken characters.

    In translation process on LP, it seems collect[3]. But exported there,
that breaks by something invisible hands. In Debian's, there DDTP files
are not breakage. They are well auto-filled[4]. IMHO, that is LP's bug.

   And, in software-center, these breakage characters are reject in
description view, users can not see DDTP descriptions[5]. At least,
in Japanese, many many many packages DDTP are affected this.

So, my proposition are:
 - Anyone know these DDTP export process?
 - Anyone know Ubuntu's DDTP translation responsible?


[5] You can reproduce with below:
 1) $ LANGUAGE=ja_JP.UTF-8 LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8  software-center
 2) inserting "3dchess" on search box, and click button(詳細情報) at left.
 3) You can see python's error msg: "'utf8 codec can't decode bytes in
    position 99-101'"

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