Update apt (and aptitude, dpkg) translations for Debian

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 12:11:18 BST 2010

Hi Ubuntu Translation people,

I've received an email from Debian L10N Team saying that, the release of
Debian squeeze is coming and it's time to update translations for apt.
Now I am sending this mail to ask Ubuntu Translation people to send your
translation of apt, aptitude and dpkg, to Debian upstream if you are not
coordinating with upstream till now.

As for where to get the corresponding po/pot files and whom to
coordinate, please subscribe and ask at debian-i18n[1] list. There is no
web translation interface like Launchpad for Debian, general information
about Debian's internationalization and translation statistics can be
found at [2] and [3].

Ubuntu benefits from a strong Debian, and Debian benefits from a strong
Ubuntu. - MarkShuttleworth


Best regards,
Aron Xu

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