translation software?

Oleg Koptev koptev.oleg at
Thu Aug 26 06:22:28 BST 2010

Hello, Tom

For .doc files it could be anaphraseus
<>- extension for OOo. It similar
to proprietary Wordfast or Trados CAT.

PDF could be converted to text and then translated in OOo with Anaphraseus
also. But I also recommend to use utility txt2po from Translate Toolkit
project <>. It will generate segmented
.po file from text, which could be then easily and comfortably translated in
software like above noted OmegaT, Virtaal or Gtranslator. After all you
could convert .po back to .txt with CLI utility po2txt.

If PDF have many graphics and you need to hold it as is, you could open it
in Inkscape - amazing vector editor with excellent PDF import - and
translate it directly there.

hope it helps.

*C уважением, Коптев Олег
With respect, Oleg Koptev*
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