Paraphrasing "Social from the Start" for translators

george fragos at
Thu Apr 8 05:17:32 BST 2010

  From its very beggining or start, Ubuntu wants and intends to
address to all people that need an open, free, friendly, up to date,
hi-tech, flexible operating system, accompanied with a certain
"philosophy" that "touches" the human us!  In other words Ubuntu,
since  its very first release, or since _your_ first installation of
it in _your_ personal computer "treats" you, us, as whole, as a
society!  So, "Social form the Start" means, "Popular from its very
first release, or its very first installation on your PC".  "Social"
meaning not only popular, but networking/networked, too!  The "Start"
is either Ubuntu's Start or _your_ Start with it.

 Hopefully helpfull!


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