Changes to strings in update-manager

Milo Casagrande milo at
Wed Sep 16 20:09:43 BST 2009

Hi Josh,

2009/9/11 Josh Holland <jrh at>:
> My branch of string fixes for update-manager just got merged, changing a
> few user-visible strings. I am posting this to the list because mvo told
> me to.
> I have attached a diff of my changes, most of which are in docstrings
> and comments and the like, but one or two things have changed.
> Apparently the new POT file has been uploaded.
> Just as a side thing, this is my first accepted contribution to a FOSS
> project. It's great to know that every single Ubuntu user will be using
> something I helped to write!

thanks for your work!

I have a little bit of a doubt though with one string. This is it:

Your system uses an ARM CPU that is older than the ARMv6 architecture.
All packages in karmic were built with optimizations requiring ARMv6
as the minimal architecture. It is not possible to upgrade your system
to a new Ubuntu release with this hardware.

Shouldn't the word "karmic" be avoided from UI element? (even if they
appear in ARM architecture...) Wouldn't it be better to substitute it
with a generic "Ubuntu" or with a generic "in this version of Ubuntu"?


Milo Casagrande <milo at>

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