Changes to strings in update-manager

Josh Holland jrh at
Wed Sep 16 20:22:00 BST 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 09:09:43PM +0200, Milo Casagrande wrote:
> I have a little bit of a doubt though with one string.

I have re-opened the bug[0], subject to discussion in here.

Here is some context around the relevant string:
# we switched the supported CPU arches for armel to a minimal of
# ARMv6.
# upgrades on systems with CPUs not matching this minimum will
# break
# on karmic
if self.arch == "armel":
    if not self._checkArmCPU():
	res = self._view.error(_("No ARMv6 CPU"),
	    _("Your system uses an ARM CPU that is older "
	      "than the ARMv6 architecture. "
	      "All packages in karmic were built with "
	      "optimizations requiring ARMv6 as the "
	      "minimal architecture. I can not upgrade "
	      "your system to karmic on your hardware."))

This could probably do with a few changes, at least capitalising
"Karmic", but perhaps the one suggested by Milo. I don't have much
experience in this area, so I think opinion from the list should be
gathered before action is taken.

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