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> David Planella írta:
> > If any of you has got any other tips on those visible but
> > not-so-easy-to-find strings, now it's a good time to share them :)
> >   
> I have a slightly related question: what is the plan to deliver the 
> translations of strings in .policy files? These translations - some of 
> them are quite visible - are coming from xml files, so the language 
> packs do not solve the problem.
> I can only think that the po files should be exported from Launchpad and 
> the affected packages[1] have to be rebuilt. Is this what will happen? :)
> [1]:
> Regards
> Gabor Kelemen

Thanks for the heads up, Gabor.

If I'm not mistaken, the answer is that it depends on the package :).

      * For packages in main where Ubuntu is not the upstream, this is
        probably not easy to solve right now, since as you say the only
        solution would be to manually export Launchpad translations and
        rebuild the packages with those. This might be complicated, as
        it would introduce an additional manual step and add another
        diff to the upstream packages. An alternative might be to
        explore the option of loading the translations at runtime from
        the .mo files, as it is being done on .desktop and .schema files
        (see [1], [2] and [3] - notice that the section on .policy files
        is still empty as I haven't had the chance to look into it
        yet ;), but anyone should feel free to update and expand that
        page )

      * For packages in main where Ubuntu is the upstream, we might be
        able to come up with a list like the one you did and ask
        developers to export translations, rebuild and upload the
        packages by e.g. NonLanguagePackDeadline. It is going to be too
        late for this cycle, but it is certainly something we can have a
        look into for Lucid. Do you think you could add a note to the
        NonLanguagePackDeadline page so it doesn't get forgotten?


[1] and

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