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- Meant to say, "There's a million places where you *could* start."
- I may have been wrong about trunk translation permissions. For instance,
it looks like you have to be a member of the Lupin translation
team<>(or rather Ubuntu
Translators now, according to that web page). Let's wait
and see if someone else can fill us in about trunks, because I really don't
know much about them.

2009/3/29 Evan Murphy <evanrmurphy at>

> Hi Dante,
> I'm a member of the Ubuntu Spanish Translators team, who I'm copying on
> this email. If you'd like to get involved with us translating the Ubuntu
> software interfaces from English to Spanish, check out our team wiki<>.
> There you'll find some instructions on how to get started, including a link
> to our style guide<>,
> which it's important you understand up front. Finally, after familiarizing
> yourself with those pages, you can get to translating! (aka help us deliver
> the pwnage)
> There's a million places where you start. Here's a link<>,
> for example, to the Spanish translation templates for Jaunty Jackelope.
> You'll be able to make translation suggestions in any of those, but only
> members of the team are authorized to approve those suggestions or make
> direct submissions. I'm aware that there exist some "trunks", for instance this
> one for Wubi<>,
> where anyone can approve translations, but unfortunately I don't know of any
> list where all the trunks have been compiled (little help, anyone?).
> Once you've translated a significant body of work, you're welcome to apply
> to be a member of our team--instructions for that are on the wiki. And, of
> course, this is all just one of the many ways you could contribute to Ubuntu
> and open source software. Hope it helps!
> Regards,
> Evan
> P.S. ¡No manches, ¿eres de México?! ¿De qué parte? Vivo en Guadalajara
> hasta junio.
> 2009/3/29 Dante Franco <doofenschmirt at>
>> Hello guys over there!! i am Dante Franco, i've been for a while reading
>> the mailing list. I speak fluently english (been studying it since i was 2
>> or 3 years old, n studied it in the Canada). I speak spanish as my native
>> language, (im from mexico). I want to help, but i don't know where to
>> start. ubuntu has given me lots of great stuff. I apologize if this ain't
>> the way to ask. but i'm trully a n00b.
>> so here's the deal. I want to help ubuntu to keep delivering pwnage. so
>> what can i do?
>> thanks a lot, and thanks for all your efforts (wich im sure i have seen in
>> my OS)
>> Q'apla
>> </Dante>
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