Translation status for Ubuntu Start Page

Adi Roiban adi at
Sat Mar 21 17:48:20 GMT 2009

În data de Sb, 21-03-2009 la 14:32 +0000, Matthew East a scris:
> On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 11:02 AM, Adi Roiban <adi at> wrote:
> > We will also need to import this page into Launchpad:
> > file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html
> >
> > We already home some translations for this page, but I thing it still
> > needs some love :)
> I'd actually like to get rid of this page entirely in the next
> release. People who open their browser with the internet not working
> should get a screen which tells them that they aren't connected, not a
> screen which gives them the impression that they are connected.
> Firefox now has quite a graceful and informative "offline" page, so
> that can replace the offline startpage, in my opinion.
Yes, but this is the start page, not the offline page.

I agree that in the current state, the page is pretty useless, as all
links are on the web. 

Meanwhile we could look at the current status of localized version of Also help the teams in setting up their own version, so
that we could include the link in the next release.

Adi Roiban

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