Problems and suggestions in Launchpad translations (rosseta)

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> Problem 2:
> A Gnome, KDE or OpenOffice translator doesn't likes launchpad
> But why is that? Because launchpad does not include the development branch
> of his project, instead it includes only Ubuntu's version (Many guys
want to
> translate via Launchpad but they can not). That is because Gnome project,
> for instance, does not use launchpad for translations (we all know that)
> an average translator would like better to work on his project via
> translations. The main reason is because launchpad is easier.

That LP doesn't have the development version of upstream packages are
not the main reasons that I (an upstream GNOME translator) don't like
working in LP. I wouldn't mind integrating a branched (and sligthly
older) version of a program in both the branch and development version
upstream afterwards. My main objection to working in LP is A; that it
does not (yet anyway) provide a useable proofreading and feedback
system and B; your problem 1.

Regards Kenneth Nielsen
The hole idea is that launchpad should contribute upstream. Its a excellent tool 
and it's a shame not to use it. When it's open sourced all will be different.

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