Reverting translations to packaged

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Wed Jul 22 14:02:47 BST 2009

David Planella wrote:

>> In case we decide for the reverting, what happens with the plural forms?
>> In slovenian, there are two different plural expressions and some time 
>> ago we decided to use just one in ubuntu. Upstream translations were 
>> adapted to fit in the ubuntu plural expression. What happens after 
>> reverting, will we get back the old non-consistent situation?
> I think Danilo, Henning or Jeroen will be able to better answer that
> question.

As David says, nothing happens to the plural forms as such.  You'd just 
be getting the upstream translations back and losing the ones made in 
Launchpad that didn't go upstream.

Whether we'd be reverting to translations that are compatible with the 
plural forms as defined for the language is another matter.  If the 
difference in plural forms is just one of ordering (e.g. one formula has 
forms 0, 1, 2 but the other has 1, 2, 0) but they are otherwise 
compatible, then Launchpad does intelligent remapping between the two 

> As Danilo mentioned, it would be technically possible, but the Launchpad
> Translations team cannot possibly cope with such fine-grained requests
> due to the big number of teams. For individual packages you can just use
> the 'Changed in Launchpad' filter -although I agree that depending on
> the team it can be tedious to do this manually if, let's say, a package
> has 1000 translations different from 'Packaged'. In any case, this
> should be a one-time effort, but again, I'll let the LP translations
> guys to answer this one.

Acting only on listed packages shouldn't be much harder than doing an 
entire language.  The real problem is managing database performance as 
we update or delete records on this scale.

I don't think we have anything quite ready to use for this.  And given 
some very unlucky timing planning-wise it seems unlikely that we'll be 
able to have something in place for the coming 2—3 months.  I'll leave 
it to Danilo when he gets back in a week and a half to say whether we 
can take a shortcut.


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