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Hi Tom,

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There is only one Ubuntu Spanish translation team and I will let them
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În data de Ma, 14-07-2009 la 10:02 +0000, Tom Davies a scris:
> I'm curious about Spain, especially because it's so radically
> different from England.  I have noticed that there are a few
> government supported versions of Ubuntu each aimed at one of the 5
> different almost-countries within Spain
> So i am wondering if there is just 1 Spanish translators team?  If so
> is it split into different sections from the different regions?

> Are the translators that are being paid in those projects (if they are
> being paid) doing the translations upstream of Ubuntu, at the Ubuntu
> level or just inside their own projects? - it would seem to make sense
> for Ubuntu if they worked at the highest level available, although
> that is quite variable across the spread of what they need for their
> project.  I can imagine that working at different levels might cause
> some initial confusion for new members of their teams.

> If there is government funding available for completing translation
> work, is some of this available for the Spanish team as a whole and
> perhaps even for team members that aren't employed and paid to do this
> work already or is there some tension between people doing this for
> free and others doing this work for pay?  
> Spanish seems to be one of those languages spoken well outside it's
> national boundaries and so these translations would seem to be a good
> move to strengthen not only Ubuntu but also the position of Spain
> globally while allowing a huge number of people easier access to
> computers generally.  It seems that everyone except microsquish
> wins :))
> I wasn't sure i wanted to send this out to the whole translators list,
> or just get the answers quietly from the Spanish team-leader.  I don't
> think there's a right way or a wrong way for each of the questions,
> especially as we have to live in the real world as it really is but
> even idealogically/philosophically completely opposite answers have
> both advantages and disadvantages - i was just curious.
> Good luck and regards from
> Tom :)
Adi Roiban

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