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thing with irc and i see it form the main kubuntu support channels and other
is it depends on when people are on and also on what time zone they are in.

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> În data de Vi, 10-07-2009 la 13:49 +0200, Jonathan Aquilina a scris:
> > you mentioned that they would ask in ubuntu instead of
> > ubuntu-translations users in ubuntu could redirect them to the proper
> > channels for support. in regards to irc yes the problem woudl be
> > creating an faq but in the long run lets say users are currently
> > working on translations and need a quick simple answer wouldnt that be
> > the best place to go instead of waiting for a response on the mailing
> > list?
> One think that I forgot to mention. This discussion is about the
> recommended/offical communication channel.
> I'm not saying that we should not use the other communication channels.
> We can use Mailinglist, IRC channels, jabber conference, forum and all
> kind of other tools, but I think that we should chose only one tool as
> the official way to get support and guarantee that by using that method
> you will get an answer/help.
> It would be great if people could just use #ubuntu-translators for such
> things.
> But, can we guarantee that someone will answer them on IRC ? 24/7... in
> the expected time frame.
> Otherwise there is a big risk that people just go to IRC, ask something,
> in the following hour no one will answer and they will think no one can
> help him/her.
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