Managing support (questions) regarding Ubuntu translations

Adi Roiban adi at
Fri Jul 10 12:05:58 BST 2009

În data de Vi, 10-07-2009 la 10:06 +0200, Jonathan Aquilina a scris:
> i forgot to mention there are also the ubuntu forums that could be
> used as well.
> On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Jonathan Aquilina
> <eagles051387 at> wrote:
>         there is a 4th option. why not setup an irc channel on
>         freenode. there are alot of channels for the k/x/ubuntu line
>         that would be the most effective way in regards to live
>         support. 

4. IRC
	quick response time

	hard to find though IRC logs / archive
	not everyone is alway online / active on the channle
	hard to organize a FAQ
	hard to keep track of prefious discussion / state of a ticket
	no email notification

We are also doing support via IRC but I don't think we should make it
the official channel

5. Forum
	similar to	
	strange email notification (the answer is not contained in the email,
just a link to the forum)

Adi Roiban

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