Degree of trust and quality for Ubuntu Localization Teams

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Fri Jul 10 04:27:30 BST 2009

În data de Vi, 10-07-2009 la 04:56 +0700, Mahyuddin Susanto a scris:
> 2009/7/8 Ricardo Pérez López <ricardo at>:
> > Obviously, we (the Ubuntu Spanish Translators) agree with that, because
> > our team is already a moderated team. To become a member, you need to:
> >
> > - Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
> > - Do translation suggestions for, at least, one month before apply to
> > the team.
> > - Be approved by, at least, two members of team, in order to ensure the
> > quality of the translation work.
> > - Use a "neutral" Spanish (not localized in any Spanish-spoken country).
> > - Subscribe to the team mailing list and request to be a member.
> >
> > All the above requirements are collected in the wiki:
> >
> >
> >
> Same like Spanish and Swedish team, we use similar rule. but we add
> more specific rule like:
>  * At least 500 karma (translation) to be a member Ubuntu-id translator
>  * We just give 1 years for membership
>  * Our member must be a member at ubuntu-id milist so we can contact
> him/her directly
> And yes we moderated team

Thanks for sharing this info. I think it is very important to share the
way we manage translations.

Each team/language has various characteristics and I don't think that we
can apply a single rule for all teams.  

Membership of Romanian Ubuntu Translation team is somehow a
certification that a person can submit translation of good quality for

This is why we give 1 year membership and users can update their
membership. If they are active, they will update it... otherwise will be
listed as inactive.

Signing the Code of Conduct is a great thing and we tried to make it
requirement but it did not work, because many translators were not able
to use GPG and sign it. Basically in Ubuntu Translation Team we have
many person willing to help free software with translations but they are
not technical users and they found it hard to work with upstream

With the new feature of LP to contact even persons with hidden email, we
do not require them to join the mailing list (it's only a
recommendation). If there are problems I contact them.

Before accepting new members to the team, we ask them to use the
localization section from our forum and post there links to their work.
We will review the work and give feedback as an answer to their post.
We found out that our translators prefer forums over mailing list.

We should also look at an old discussion started by Matthew East

Regarding this issue I think we should answer the following two

a. When a person should consider joining an Ubuntu Localization team ?

b. What are the responsibilities (including defining requirements for
new members) for people coordinating an Ubuntu Localization team.

I put those FAQ on Launchpad just to see if the Launchpad FAQs feature
is useful. I think that everyone can edit a FAQ so is similar to a wiki.
But we can also move them to a wikipage.
Feel free to edit, fix spelling errors, add new ideas or improve the way
current ideas are written.

PS: I'm just writing an email talking about how we should manage the
FAQs and support requests.

Adi Roiban

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