How to revert to upstream translations

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Tue Jan 20 09:42:33 GMT 2009

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> Date: Tue, January 20, 2009 10:28 am
> Sorry, I had sorted my mails incorrectly and missed the fact that others
> from the team had already replied. Please excuse the extra noise if I
> repeated things that had already been said.

Repetita juvant! :)

Following on what you said on the previous mail, probably the "Packaged"
term could lead to some misunderstanding. IMHO, probably, we are more
accustomed to "usptream" and "downstream" kind of terms.

Just a suggestion: would it be possible to change that definition to
"Upstream" instead of "Packaged" and with the glossary blueprint [1] we
discussed at UDS insert the term "Upstream" in the glossary and link it?
Or at least, if changing the term is not feasible, would it be possible
to link "Packaged" using the glossary thing?



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