Update: translation errors with msgids and msgstrs

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at canonical.com
Mon Jan 19 01:20:45 GMT 2009

Milo Casagrande wrote:
> Everything fixed for Italian.

Thanks :)

> Just a couple of notes/questions:
> - we found some strings in KDE packages with plural forms that we
> suppose are c-format, but the *msgid* string is using something like
> "1%" (in the singular) for saying "one percent" and the plural has a "%
> n". Now, I don't know how KDE internals work, but shouldn't it be "1%%"
> if it's a c-format string? The translation already there is correct
> since it basically translate to "one percent" without the % sign. But,
> since KDE looks like is using a "different" version of gettext, I really
> don't know...

yes, it should be "1%%", otherwise it will be treated as a space padded
format string (e.g. "1% of", would be interpreted as "1%of", where "%o"
would be treated as format string).
Since the plural uses "%n", the entry should be marked as c-format
string, IMHO. Otherwise the %n replacement won't work.

> - what kind of test was used to give all those errors even with
> no-c-format strings? Were no-c-format strings treated as c-format?

We forced msgfmt to treat all strings as c-format strings in order to
catch those which really do have c-formats inside but were not tagged as


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