How to revert to upstream translations

Dominique Pelle dominique.pelle at
Sun Jan 18 19:44:26 GMT 2009

> Some strings in Launchpad have better translations upstream than in
> Launchpad.  If I replace the Launchpad translation with the upstream
> string, will Launchpad automatically detect that the upstream
> translation takes over?
> In the translation page, Launchpad shows three strings labeled English,
> Current Norwegian Nynorsk, and Packaged. Is the string labeled "Current
> Norwegian Nynorsk" the upstream string, or the most recent Launchpad
> string? I assume "Packaged" is the last string that was included in a
> langpack.

I do hope that strings from upstream have higher priority
than strings in Rosetta. I would find it quite wrong if Rosetta
replaced without good reasons translations that have been
done carefully upstream.

Shouldn't Rosetta only add strings when translations are missing
upstream? Or in some rare cases maybe correct incorrect strings
from upstream?

I've done translations upstream, which have been reviewed and I'd
be a bit disappointed if they were badly altered in Ubuntu.



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