How to revert to upstream translations

Milo Casagrande milo at
Sun Jan 18 19:31:51 GMT 2009

Il giorno dom, 18/01/2009 alle 19.54 +0100, Åsmund Skjæveland ha
> Some strings in Launchpad have better translations upstream than in
> Launchpad.  If I replace the Launchpad translation with the upstream
> string, will Launchpad automatically detect that the upstream
> translation takes over?


> In the translation page, Launchpad shows three strings labeled English,
> Current Norwegian Nynorsk, and Packaged. Is the string labeled "Current
> Norwegian Nynorsk" the upstream string, or the most recent Launchpad
> string? I assume "Packaged" is the last string that was included in a
> langpack.

Yes, usually "Packaged" is the last packaged upstream string, the
"Current..." is the translation in use now, the one that will be shipped
in the next langpack, and usually a string that has been changed inside
Launchpad. This string will not became a "Packaged" string with the
creation of a new langpack though, the "Packaged" will always be the
upstream string. (That's how I understood the all thing, maybe Danilo
could say something more.)


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