Russian translation of KDEnLive with Rosetta

Jury Azovtzev gumanoed at
Mon Jan 12 18:28:32 GMT 2009


One of my colleg and me would like to translate kdenlive application.
As i found in "Ubuntu: official cource book" translation should be on
lounchpad in rosetta project.
But. when i try to go to i get
meggase " Translation setup needed. You might want to talk with Alex Matthew
Lowe <>, the project registrant,
about using Launchpad for translations."

Could you, please, give a hint what should i do next?

By the way. I fould ru.po for kdenlive-0.5 in the repository of russian ALT
Can i use it somehow in rosetta?

With best regards.
Azovtzev Jury

ForceTeam NNLUG
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