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Aron Xu happyaron.xu at
Mon Dec 28 07:18:11 GMT 2009

If I haven't remembered wrong,  there were efforts on making a general
glossary on both  GNOME and Ubuntu projects, but neither lived long.
Personaly I don't think can replace a good glossary, it
is a powerful tool to find what others do, but it isn't a standard for
a team, and translators will only be aware of what others did, but not
which to choose in his/her situation.

Maintaining a glossary is hard work, and I know some teams developed
their web applications (e.g. ro team), and more teams use files to
have a common translation memory (KDE teams), but either have their
disadvantages. GTP guide tell translators to use `msgcat' to generate
a file that can be used as common translation memory, but in fact it
looks useless, translations powered by `msgmerge' is not reliable in
any situation.

Do you mind starting an effort on working out a general glossary? I
think your work will be appreciated by our translation community, and
there will be hands helping you make it come true, :)

Aron Xu

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 8:35 PM, Peteris Krisjanis <pecisk at> wrote:
> Usually it is solved in a way that leadership of translation team
> translates glossary for project (for example, GNOME,
> both has special po files to for this, don't know about KDE). It
> contains all terms found in msgid. After careful checking and
> reviewing put it into use as translation memory in translation
> applications (Lokalize for example supports this).
> Additionally, in my team we now carefully check any previous and new
> translations and when we sure that file is clearly ok, we add it to
> translation memory. It not only gives consistency of terminology, but
> it also provides fast way to translate strings already used in old
> translations. And even if there is no 100% match, it can at least give
> you hint how it should look like.
> For websites, is quite ok for quick checking how others
> use terms. Also I suggest to check too (which has
> official terminology in lot of languages). Anyway, translate
> terminology is hard thing to do and it's a subject what we as a team
> spend most of our time on.
> Cheers,
> Peteris.
> 2009/12/27 Eleanor Chen <chenyueg at>:
>> Hi, all!
>> During the translation process, I find that tranlation of terms vaies from
>> person to person.
>> So I am wondering if we can write a glossary for each language.
>> Cheers,
>> Eleanor
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