Translation bugs about non-main packages

Adi Roiban adi at
Wed Dec 16 01:42:04 GMT 2009

În data de Ma, 15-12-2009 la 14:07 +0100, Milo Casagrande a scris:
> 2009/12/15  <happyaron.xu at>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I find there are some bug reports against some packages that are not in
> > main, and we can not correct them directly because they use translations
> > upstream. How should we deal with such situations? Asking the respective
> > language teams to take care of the bug or telling the users why we cannot
> > help directly and providing a guide for him to contributing upstream?
> Personally I think that that would be the best way to act. More in
> detail, I would:
> - explain in the bug report why we can't help with that particular translation
I agree... template needed :)

> - link them to a page where we have information on how to work with upstream
The current upstream wikipages are just drafts.

> - mark the bug as Invalid
I think that is a valid bug, both for the Ubuntu package and ubuntu-translations.
After the translation is fixed, the package maintainer will need to
upload an updated package.

Try to report it upstream and link the upstream bug.


I hope we can have a common meeting with Ubuntu bugsqaud team and
discuss the details. They are the expert in triaging bugs and we should
first ask their opinion.


Adi Roiban

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