Ubuntu Translation bug handling process

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Sat Dec 12 10:16:17 GMT 2009

Just my 2 cents and I try to be brief and concise.... but I failed

I think that all Ubuntu Translators will be happy to make
ubuntu-translators less useful by not having to do bug triaging.
The bughandling wikipage was just a brainstorming page. I would be happy
to delete it and have all info on bugsquad wiki.

Ubuntu Translations bugs are something special from the following points
of view:

* They can be fixed without having someone patching and uploading a new

* Most of them can be fixed in less than 2 minutes, just from the web
UI. You only need to read the bug, to to Launchpad translation, fix the
translation and then come back and mark that bug as fixed.

* Many translators are not technical persons.

We can channel all bug to Ubuntu and make them use apport, but I think
that this will stop them from reporting bugs.


I like to keep things simple and this is why I went for a divide and
conquer approach for handling Ubuntu translations bugs.

I think that reporting a bug in Ubuntu is ok when you don't know exactly
what component is affected and who can fix it.

For translations bug we know they affect ubuntu-translation and they can
be fixed by the ubuntu-l10n-CC (replace CC with your language) team. 
The triaging process can be done by the bug reporter at the time they
report the bug.
No need to add extra work to other persons.


My goal is to have ubuntu-translation bugs fixed. Fast. Without stepping
on others feet.

What are the drawbacks of the current process?

Right now, in Ubuntu we have 39668 new bugs. What do we gain if we put
Ubuntu Translation bugs together?


I think we should add this topic on the next team meeting agenda.
Next for translations is 7 Jan, bugsquad 12. I am available for both.

Kindest regards,

Adi Roiban

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