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Arne Goetje arne.goetje at canonical.com
Mon Apr 6 05:52:55 BST 2009

Bruno Patri wrote:
> Le Friday 03 April 2009 20:55:06 Milo Casagrande, vous avez écrit :
>> Hi,
>> while looking at all the translatable packages in Launchpad my eyes got
>> caught by some KDE packages that are without translations or with
>> translations half done.
>> Nothing new for a translation team, but the problem is that I and nobody
>> in the Italian team that are KDE upstream translators know if those
>> packages are coming from upstream, if they are coming from upstream but
>> have been modified for Kubuntu or are Kubuntu specific.

Maybe Jonathan knows that. (CC'ed)

>> The one that really caught my eyes, and when I raised this issue, is
>> system-config-printer-kde. I manually re-imported it because I knew it
>> was fully translated upstream, but like for many other languages it is
>> not.
>> I'm linking some of those packages here:
>> - system-config-printer-kde http://is.gd/qz6T
>> - plasma-engine-systemmonitor http://is.gd/qztj
>> - plasma-applet-networkmanager http://is.gd/qzua
>> - plasma-applet-networkmanagement http://is.gd/qzzC
>> - kpackagekit http://is.gd/qzBN (there is an upstream version of this
>> package, but I can't find translations in it)
>> - and others...
> I've also noticed somme strange things with KDE templates. It seems that 
> there's duplicate templates :
> networkmanager and networkmanagement ?
> some *plasmoid* and *plasma-widgets* ?
> Another strange thing is that desktop-kdebase has been split in multiple 
> files in Launchpad desktop-kdebase-workspace and others...
> I had to import manually desktop-kdebase.po in each Launchpad template.
> There's also a "kde4libs" template wich is names "kdelibs" upstream.

Thanks for raising this issue.
KDE templates in Rosetta are currently a mess, since someone decided to
move templates across source packages, rename templates at will, drop or
merge them with others.
Unfortunately we (the Ubuntu Translation Coordinators team) don't have
any way to know when that happened or why and what the change was. We
occasionally get conflict errors from Launchpad (if the Rosetta guys
kindly forward them to us) and then have to figure out manually what
I had to solve several of such cases manually during the past weeks and
I'm not sure if I have caught all glitches.
It may be that some source packages in debian/ubuntu have different
names than in upstream, I don't know.

Anyways, since we will have some archive reorganization coming up in
after Jaunty release, I hope that we can find a solution to solve this
mess once and for all.

If you find inconsistencies like the ones above, please send a mail to
this list and list the source packages and template names in question.
I or someone else on the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team will try
to resolve those issues then.

Thanks very much.


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