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Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 6 14:30:17 BST 2009

On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 12:52:55PM +0800, Arne Goetje wrote:
> >> The one that really caught my eyes, and when I raised this issue, is
> >> system-config-printer-kde. I manually re-imported it because I knew it
> >> was fully translated upstream, but like for many other languages it is
> >> not.
> >>
> >> I'm linking some of those packages here:
> >>
> >> - system-config-printer-kde http://is.gd/qz6T

Our system-config-printer-kde has had a lot of development on it
compared to what is in KDE 4.2 so there will be translation work needed.

> >> - plasma-engine-systemmonitor http://is.gd/qztj

This file doesn't exist upstream, it should be removed from launchpad.

> >> - plasma-applet-networkmanager http://is.gd/qzua
> >> - plasma-applet-networkmanagement http://is.gd/qzzC

Upstream changed this recently, the correct one is 

plasma-applet-networkmanager should be removed from launchpad.

> >> - kpackagekit http://is.gd/qzBN (there is an upstream version of this
> >> package, but I can't find translations in it)

Upstream translations are at

replacing templates by language code.

I've included the existing ones from upstream in the source:

ca  cs  de  el  en_GB  et  fr  ga  gl  lt  nb  nds  nl  nn  pa  pl  pt
pt_BR  ro  sv  tr  uk  zh_CN

> >> - and others...

Let me know what other problems you find and I'll look into them.
Note I'm not on the -translators mailing list.

> > I've also noticed somme strange things with KDE templates. It seems that 
> > there's duplicate templates :
> > networkmanager and networkmanagement ?
> > some *plasmoid* and *plasma-widgets* ?

Got specific examples?  The names will have changed in some cases and
Launchpad isn't very good at detecting that.

> > Another strange thing is that desktop-kdebase has been split in multiple 
> > files in Launchpad desktop-kdebase-workspace and others...

I'll have to think how to work around that.  Upstream splits the tars
for packagers but it's not split in SVN.  

However don't worry about desktop- po files for jaunty, the patch
which would make them do anything doesn't work :(

> > I had to import manually desktop-kdebase.po in each Launchpad template.
> > 
> > There's also a "kde4libs" template wich is names "kdelibs" upstream.

Is that a desktop- template?

> Thanks for raising this issue.
> KDE templates in Rosetta are currently a mess, since someone decided to
> move templates across source packages, rename templates at will, drop or
> merge them with others.

Code changes happen, Launchpad should learn to work with them.


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