Are the templates for synaptic, update-manager and update-notifier up to date?

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Wed Oct 15 15:58:18 BST 2008

Milo Casagrande wrote:

> Looking at the import queue of synaptic, there's only one pot file but it's in need review from June... So, I think this one _should_ be up to date.

If it's in "need review," that means it's not been approved for import. 
  Which means it's a version of the template that hasn't been imported yet.

Arne, any idea whether that template should be approved?

> For the other two packages, looking at the import queues, there's one pot in each of them that has been uploaded 14th October. Status is "Approved", but I don't think imported yet...

We're still importing uploads from October 6, so it'll be a few more 
days before we get to that one.  You can see the full queue at

Once a file's been successfully imported, its state will change to 
Imported (bet you saw that one coming) and the queue entry is cleaned up 
soon thereafter.


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