Needed ubufox translations

Saïvann oxmosys at
Wed Oct 15 14:55:21 BST 2008

It will be done in rosetta in the future. However Alexander Sack still
didn't get necessary ressources to do it, so we still need to do it
through a bug report for intrepid. We all hope to avoid this in the
future. BTW, if you know how to setup projects like ubufox in rosetta, I
think that Alexander Sack would be happy to get help with this.

To know if there is already a translation for Danish, you can simply
look if someone already attached a translation for it in the bug report.
To know if it was translated in hardy, just download ubufox sources
(apt-get source ubufox) and look in the locale folder to see if your
locale is there.

Actually, there is no danish translation at all (not even in hardy) so
if you want to translate it to danish, your work will be very appreciated.

Thanks for your contribution,

> Just two quick questions. Why is this translationwork not done i
> Rosetta and how do I see if there is a translation for Danish (da)
> Regards Kenneth Nielsen

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