Call for intrepid translations

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Tue Oct 7 15:20:02 BST 2008

Timo Jyrinki wrote:

Just a quick update:

> Progress, yes, but there are still (at this moment) over 40 thousand
> PO or POT files queued for import:

That's down to about 36600 now, although of course a few hundred new 
ones have been uploaded as well.  We're working on optimizing code to 
reduce load on the server.  Server load is currently the biggest bottleneck.

> The progress is that they are Approved now, which is great, but the
> time is getting short regarding getting them all in on time,
> especially as new stuff is being uploaded all the time and the
> deadline of some of the translations is on 16th of October. imports are the heaviest.  We can move those to the end 
end of the queue so more shorter jobs can get through.

> There is also currently 53 POT files still needing review still at
> (is there some problem with the app-install-data-ubuntu, it's still
> not Approved?) and 13 000 PO files needing review.

Arne is working on figuring out which templates go where.  If you see 
something that needs his attention, it may help to contact him and 
inform him of what should be done with that template: correct 
translation domain, included in language pack or not, any complications 
such as a template having moved from one template to another.


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