Call for intrepid translations

Athanasios Lefteris alefteris at
Sat Oct 4 09:21:44 BST 2008

I think that before telling people to start translating for intrepid,
the issues that rosseta has at the moment should first be resolved.
Unless we expect people to do duplicate work or we expect people to
work only in rosseta and not upstream. Right now the GNOME po from
2.24 tarballs don't seem to be imported into rosseta.

For example gnome-terminal 2.24.0 has been uploaded in the repos [1],
from the GNOME tarball I can see that the el.po (Greek) is translated
100% [2], but rosseta as of today [3] shows that there are 51
untranslated messages :( Are we expected to manually upload the
upstream templates?

Acording to [4], at the core of the Ubuntu Philosophy are these core
philosophical ideals:
1 ...
2 Every computer user should be able to use their software in the
language of their choice.
3 ...

But it seems lately that we are not doing much to help make that idea
possible. So lets make translations for ubuntu work again by improving
workflows and involving community members, launchpad/canonical stuff
doesn't seem to be able to this stuff alone.


Θάνος Λευτέρης

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