Translations from the debian-installer package

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Thu Dec 4 16:23:35 GMT 2008


I'm sorry for replying a month after the fact.  I only found your 
message just now in an overflowing mailbox.

Colin Watson wrote:

> I think, at minimum, we ought to be able to have certain privileges
> attached to translations of source packages for those who can upload
> them to the relevant distribution anyway. We probably also ought to be
> able to alter translation privileges on certain source packages,
> although I think this should be the exception rather than the rule.

One thing may need some work on a case-by-case basis: the system does 
not think in terms of translating a source package.  Instead, what 
matters is the combination of a source package name and a distribution 
release series.  A distribution release series, such as Intrepid, in 
turn belongs to a distribution, such as Ubuntu.

Obviously we can't just attach privileges to a source package name, 
since the same source package name might occur in a different 
distribution (and most probably will in another release series of the 
same distribution).  There's always ways around it, but then the choice 
comes: should a privilege be for this package in this distribution?  Or 
only in this release series?

> The good news is that this does not necessarily have to involve
> significant changes to Launchpad. Currently, I generate a master set of
> POT and PO files for the installer which Launchpad Translations
> administrators then upload. We could split those files into three big
> lumps: one for the strings that come directly from Debian and should not
> generally be changed; one for the strings that require branding changes
> in Ubuntu; and one for the strings that are new in Ubuntu. Those could
> then be uploaded to separate templates in Launchpad, and translators
> could be given separate advice about what to translate. We could
> maintain the filtering for this on the Ubuntu side; I don't expect that
> it would be all that difficult.

Sounds good!  You could easily have three separate templates with 
different descriptions in the same package.


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