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Hi Matthew,

Il giorno lun, 18/08/2008 alle 18.18 +0100, Matthew Revell ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I work on the Launchpad team looking after communications. I want to
> add a page to the Launchpad help wiki ( that tells
> novice translators what they need to do in order to start translating
> in Launchpad.
> What information do you think is most important for new translators to
> know before they get started?

As Rubén said, some basic information are needed, but for me, it depends
where in the actual flow of the documentation the new page will be

I think it would be useful also to have some sort of explanation about
all the UI elements that you a translator can use like the drop-down
list with all the viewing options (translated items, items with new
suggestions...), what the "Located in..." string means and so on...

It is important to talk about the format operator (%) and how you're
supposed to change its position inside a string; the text "formatting"
tags like <b></b>, <i></i>, <span size="large"></span> saying that the
text *inside* a tag must not be translated; the "accelerators"...

For newcomers it will be useful to remember them about already existing
translation groups and (how) to keep in touch with them.

Probably talking about gettext is too advanced for new translators, as
Launchpad tries to hide gettext magic from translators, but maybe there
should be room for an "Advanced" section in this document or a document
for advanced users where you can talk about:
 - gettext
 - po and mo file formats
 - how to upload a file, what it means "User upload" or "Published
upload" and what happen when you select one or the other...

Just some starting ideas...


Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande at>
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