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Luca Padrin luca at
Fri Apr 18 16:31:34 BST 2008

So we've created this page with the Italian translation:


Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande at> writes:

> Ciao Steve!
> Il giorno gio, 17/04/2008 alle 13.37 -0700, Steve Langasek ha scritto:
>> Sorry, the correct document to be translated was
>> <>, which was mentioned later in
>> the thread.  It looks like what you've translated here is something else -
>> perhaps the "release notes" from beta or one of the alphas, which are a
>> different document altogether?
> Yes, basically we intend as "release notes" those informations... we are
> targeting only the final release and make use of informations from Beta
> and RC notes... 
>> For the final release, the "release notes" document known upgrade/install
>> issues, so it's important that users consistently get this same
>> documentation when they click on the 'release notes' button, regardless of
>> language choice.  I'm happy to see other documentation contributed which
>> promotes Ubuntu (although I think it would be better for everyone if we
>> could agree on making the content match), but this NoteDiRilascio page
>> should not be linked as the 8.04 release notes in Italian.  Would it be
>> possible for you to translate those release notes as well?
> It's not a problem! I think we'are going to use a subpage of that page,
> we are going to keep that NoteDiRilascio for general use.
> I will tell you the name of the new page ASAP.
> Bye!
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