translating gnome-user-docs

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Sep 12 10:09:22 BST 2007


Thanks for the responses. I perhaps wasn't clear with my original post.

To address Timo's response:

Working with upstream is not enough in this case - there are
*ubuntu-specific* changes which we are making to the documentation,
which was the whole point of my post. The question is how to translate
those. This isn't the case with any other documentation packages that
I'm aware of.

As for updating: the +svn in the version number means that all changes
from the latest upstream svn trunk are merged into the package. 2.18.2
is simply the latest upstream release.


You misunderstood my post: we're not including these changes in
ubuntu-docs, they are in the gnome-user-docs package. But they *are*
specific to Ubuntu.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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