translating gnome-user-docs

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Sep 12 09:19:58 BST 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Matthew East wrote:

> In this release cycle Ubuntu has made some customisations to the
> gnome-user-docs packages, in particular regarding the Gnome User Guide
> and Gnome Accessibility Guide.

Just as a sidenote, are you going to update to 2.20 gnome-user-docs since 
the current version is 2.18.2+svnxxx? Partial Finnish translation is now 
available in the trunk, and I'd like to know if we should submit an 
Ubuntu-specific patch before the release.

Greek is also now a newcomer to the trunk version of gnome-user-docs.

> My question involves the Ubuntu changes. Would people prefer to see
> the templates for these uploaded to Rosetta as with ubuntu-docs, and
> translate them there?

Well, I personally would prefer not, as it's not being done for other 
documentation either. I would rather encourage every Ubuntu translators to 
also work with the upstream, a starting point for gnome-user-docs would 

1. If your language is not already included, get the POT file and start 
translating for your own language
2. If your language is there but only partially translated, get the 
existing PO file and continue translation from there
3. Find out who's able to do svn uploads to GNOME repository so that you 
are able to send your new or updated PO file (possibly with figures) to
4. Remember to make sure that the translation will be included in Ubuntu, 
if the case is (like it's here) that Ubuntu release is nearby and the new 
GNOME version is about to be released soon.


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