Translating gnome-user-docs - yelp front page

Danilo Ĺ egan danilo at
Thu Oct 11 09:35:55 UTC 2007

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for the late response, I've got quite some pending email waiting
for some attention.

On Monday at 22:16, Matthew East wrote:

> Ricardo pointed out to me this evening that the string "Assistive
> Tools" from the gnome-access-guide document is untranslated and
> appears on the Yelp front page.
> We've found an emergency way to translate this string, for those
> languages which have translations for that document from upstream but
> not the "Assistive Tools" string, which is an Ubuntu customisation.

Is this maybe not extracted by xml2po?  If so, filing a bug upstream
would help me look into it :)

> Danilo - further to our previous discussion, and pending us finding a
> better solution, please confirm that this one will work for Gutsy!
> 1. Grab the Ubuntu-ised pot file from the rejected queue in Rosetta:

(we might want to look into why was it rejected)

> 2. Take the po file for your language from that repository at this
> address:
> 3. Use msgmerge on the po file like this (for example for Spanish):
>  $ msgmerge es.po gnome-access-guide.pot > final.po
> 4. Translate the "Assistive Tools" string in final.po into your language.
> 5. Send me the completed po file by email and I will upload it to the
> repository (as I understand it from discussions with Danilo, a diff
> will not work and you need to send the whole po file).

This procedure should work.  Also, diff _might_ work, but if it
doesn't, it will cause you a lot of problems trying to merge updates
by hand.   That's why I suggest using complete PO files.


> I can't promise that these will be included for Gutsy, but I will try
> and convince the release managers to accept it if you send them to me
> quickly and Danilo confirms that the solution works.
> Thanks all.

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