Translating gnome-user-docs - yelp front page

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Oct 8 21:16:12 BST 2007

Ricardo pointed out to me this evening that the string "Assistive
Tools" from the gnome-access-guide document is untranslated and
appears on the Yelp front page.

We've found an emergency way to translate this string, for those
languages which have translations for that document from upstream but
not the "Assistive Tools" string, which is an Ubuntu customisation.

Danilo - further to our previous discussion, and pending us finding a
better solution, please confirm that this one will work for Gutsy!

1. Grab the Ubuntu-ised pot file from the rejected queue in Rosetta:

2. Take the po file for your language from that repository at this

3. Use msgmerge on the po file like this (for example for Spanish):

 $ msgmerge es.po gnome-access-guide.pot > final.po

4. Translate the "Assistive Tools" string in final.po into your language.

5. Send me the completed po file by email and I will upload it to the
repository (as I understand it from discussions with Danilo, a diff
will not work and you need to send the whole po file).

I can't promise that these will be included for Gutsy, but I will try
and convince the release managers to accept it if you send them to me
quickly and Danilo confirms that the solution works.

Thanks all.
Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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