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Tue May 29 12:15:11 UTC 2007

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> Hello fellow translators!

> I've been having many talks lately on how to unify
> translations across
> packages for the same language, and I think, I've
> actually come up
> with an idea that just might work.
> Due to Rosetta's decentralized nature, it's pretty
> common for the same
> word to be translated differently across different
> packages (or
> sometimes within the same package), and some teams
> have come up with a
> list of common translations they agree on, and
> maintain them all over
> the place (wikis, mailing lists, etc).
> I've drafted up a blueprint I think might take a
> step closer to
> providing more unified translations across packages,
> and I wanted to
> get some discussion going to find out if this would
> work for everyone.
> The link is:
> Feel free to edit/add to it, although I'd appreciate
> some discussion
> before removing any parts of it.
> Looking forward to your comments.

Something like that would be nice. I had once written
a blueprint too [1], on an idea similar to this one.

Having some sort of dictionary/wikitionary or glossary
could help a lot of people starting with translation
(It would be useful to have also a sort of
per-language-help with conventions or anything else
used by a team, or links to that stuff).

This is something I would really like to see in



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