Untranslated/Untranslateable strings in Ubiquity (Qt)

Jannick Kuhr jakuhr-linux at gmx.de
Thu Mar 29 18:32:25 BST 2007


I just did a new installation of Kubuntu Feisty Fawn Beta1 and noticed that 
there are still many untranslated strings in the installer, although the 
packages debian-installer and ubiquity are completely translated.

The following strings are affected:

1. The buttons "Next", "Back", "Cancel" and "Advanced..."

2. The text over the world map on the second page: "Select a city in your 

3. Almost everything around the partitioner, for example "Edit 
partition", "Delete partition", "Device, Type", "Mount point","Format?" and 
the whole editing dialog.

4. The summary on the last page: "Language", "Keyboard layout", "Name", "Login 
name", "Location" and "Migration Assistant"

Can anyone confirm these issues or has any ideas how to fix it? Since the 
installer is the first impression someone gets of the distribution, it would 
be nice to have it completly translated.

Cheers, Jannick

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