Gutsy translations now open!

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Jun 13 11:56:51 BST 2007

Hi Kenneth,

Today at 12:27, Kenneth Nielsen wrote:

> That feature is indeed very good news. It is a little unclear from the
> earlier posts how it will work, but PLEASE make it possible to do for en
> entire package with one click, as i don't much care for pressing 'next' 460
> times going through the evolution package (or in any other way doing it
> manually per string)  ;)

Actually, you'll have to do that, and that's on purpose.  We still
want to keep ability to modify strings coming from packages, and
having a one-click option would encourage ignoring those translations
which indeed have problems.

However, note that once you revert the string, it will continue
getting updates from upstream without the need to re-revert it again.

> I have another question that in some way relates to this. The advantage of
> large exposure of prerelease upstream translations depend very much on
> regular/scheduled/dependable integrations of upstream translations. The last
> time I asked (which is quite some time ago) such
> regular/scheduled/dependable integrations had hot yet been accomplished,
> have they been accomplished now? And in that case where can I read about the
> integration schedule and/or rutine?

I know how it works for GNOME and Ubuntu: they are integrated whenever
GNOME modules have a release, or at the very least, when GNOME does a
full release (eg. 2.19.1 on April 23rd, .2 on May 16th, .3 on
June 6th, .4 on June 20th, .5 on July 11th, .6 on August 1st, then
beta 1 on August 15th...), so at most 3 weeks between syncs.  However,
packaging GNOME modules usually takes between 1 and 5 days, so you
should delay all those dates by that much.

So, in essense, this depends on how often does Ubuntu package relevant
modules which include updated translations from upstream.


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