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Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Wed Jun 13 11:27:45 BST 2007

Hello everybody

Basically, most of the problem we have now is due to previous changes
> to upstream translations, and that will be solved with the ability to
> revert more easily in the 1.1.6 release of Launchpad, due at the end
> of June.

That feature is indeed very good news. It is a little unclear from the
earlier posts how it will work, but PLEASE make it possible to do for en
entire package with one click, as i don't much care for pressing 'next' 460
times going through the evolution package (or in any other way doing it
manually per string)  ;)

I have another question that in some way relates to this. The advantage of
large exposure of prerelease upstream translations depend very much on
regular/scheduled/dependable integrations of upstream translations. The last
time I asked (which is quite some time ago) such
regular/scheduled/dependable integrations had hot yet been accomplished,
have they been accomplished now? And in that case where can I read about the
integration schedule and/or rutine?
Regards Kenneth Nielsen
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