Gutsy translations now open!

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Jun 13 07:46:29 BST 2007

Hi Matt, others,

Thanks for voicing your concerns.

Yesterday at 17:59, Matthew East wrote:

> On Tue, June 12, 2007 4:48 pm, Daniel Nylander wrote:
>> This means: _Co-operate_ with your upstream GNOME translation team!
> That goes without saying. However, I had intended to raise a slightly more
> complex question - in order to know *how* to cooperate, we need to know
> what Launchpad's policy is in relation to upstream/Ubuntu translations in
> respect of this new early opening policy and how it works.

Early opening has it's benefits:

 1. Those translating using Launchpad exclusively have more time to translate
 2. Ubuntu gets language packs right away

These are big enough that I think it's worth announcing and caring
about them.  I know most of the people who voiced their opinions here
are upstream translators as well, and they will also get a benefit:
they'll be able to test upstream translations in Ubuntu, albeit only
when upstreams release new packages.

For example, GNOME 2.19.3 has been released about a week ago, and that
included Metacity 2.19.13, which is already imported:

So, even if we were aware of the problems, and they do exist, the
bottom line is that in practice, it's not that bad.  And whatever is
the problem, it has also existed before.

Basically, most of the problem we have now is due to previous changes
to upstream translations, and that will be solved with the ability to
revert more easily in the 1.1.6 release of Launchpad, due at the end
of June.

And I understand it may seem like something not to brag yourself about
going from bad to just so-so, but I still feel this is a major step
forward for everyone: including upstream translations, who'll get more
exposure in unstable Ubuntu releases.


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