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Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Wed Jun 13 15:45:17 BST 2007

> > That feature is indeed very good news. It is a little unclear from the
> > earlier posts how it will work, but PLEASE make it possible to do for en
> > entire package with one click, as i don't much care for pressing 'next'
> 460
> > times going through the evolution package (or in any other way doing it
> > manually per string)  ;)
> Actually, you'll have to do that, and that's on purpose.  We still
> want to keep ability to modify strings coming from packages, and
> having a one-click option would encourage ignoring those translations
> which indeed have problems.
> However, note that once you revert the string, it will continue
> getting updates from upstream without the need to re-revert it again.

Well I don't know how to respond to that. For the Danish language we do ALL
GNOME and KDE translations upstream and therefore the LP team is a subset of
the upstream teams whose only job is to fix integrations problems and
translate Ubuntu specific packages. Furthermore whenever we are informed of
an error we fix it both places (LP and upstream) as soon as it is possible.
This means that the hypothetical situation you mention above (if the change
you mentions refers to an error that gets fixed) simply doesn't exist. And
those two projects in them selves are something like 60-70.000 strings, so
thats a lot of "next"s that could be spared.

That fact that we have problems now is of course our doing because we didn't
close the LP-group the first chance we got (stupid us :) ). But I must say
that I don't think that it is something that will do wonders for the already
problematic Ubuntu-LP/upstream translation-relations that you, by policy,
will be forcing translators to waste time on something like this, even if it
is a one time thing. All things considering I think that time could be used
in a better way on something like ..... well actually translating something.
Please forgive me if I sound harsh, that is not my intention, but it just
that the entire LP/Rosetta experience have been very frustrating (not being
able to search for translations or strings in translations and these
problems with imporrt/export and functionality and priority) for a lot of
people that want to help, and now when it gets fixed it still doesn't really
solve the problem in a satisfactory way.

Oh well. Could I suggest then that it could be made possible to filter for
these strings (the ones that are different from upstream), so that we wont
have spend to much time doing this kind of trivial work?

> I have another question that in some way relates to this. The advantage of
> > large exposure of prerelease upstream translations depend very much on
> > regular/scheduled/dependable integrations of upstream translations. The
> last
> > time I asked (which is quite some time ago) such
> > regular/scheduled/dependable integrations had hot yet been accomplished,
> > have they been accomplished now? And in that case where can I read about
> the
> > integration schedule and/or rutine?
> I know how it works for GNOME and Ubuntu: they are integrated whenever
> GNOME modules have a release, or at the very least, when GNOME does a
> full release (eg. 2.19.1 on April 23rd, .2 on May 16th, .3 on
> June 6th, .4 on June 20th, .5 on July 11th, .6 on August 1st, then
> beta 1 on August 15th...), so at most 3 weeks between syncs.  However,
> packaging GNOME modules usually takes between 1 and 5 days, so you
> should delay all those dates by that much.
> Ok thanks a lot. That is very helpfull.
Regards Kenneth Nielsen
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