Gutsy translations now open!

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Jun 13 08:02:49 BST 2007

Hi Claude, Jannick,

Yesterday at 17:36, Jannick Kuhr wrote:

> Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007 schrieb Claude Paroz:

>> I don't know if this is really a good idea, as GNOME didn't even enter
>> string freeze...
>> Please, team leaders, warn your translators not to touche GNOME (and
>> possibly KDE) strings, at least until GNOME 2.20 is out !
> I have exactly the same doubts regarding this issue. Probably it would be the 
> best to lock KDE and Gnome translations for the first months.

There are teams doing translations directly in Launchpad, even for KDE
and GNOME, and then submitting them upstream.  It would be a very bad
idea to actually push them away from Launchpad, at least from our POV.

> It is a VERY bad idea to import beta versions of programs to Rosetta. Please 
> lock this apps until the upstream translation process is finished!

Not really: this actually means that with enough discipline (i.e. not
going around and randomly translating stuff in Ubuntu Gutsy po files),
even upstream translators can benefit: latest translations from
KDE/GNOME packages will get into Gutsy, and Gutsy language packs,
which will now be available on a daily basis from official repositories.

So, you could easily say goodbye to GARNOME, jhbuild for GNOME
(there's probably something similar which builds KDE from SVN or
tarballs), and just use Ubuntu Gutsy to test how your translations

> I am working for the german KDE translation team on the translation of 
> KTorrent. Now I had to see that a beta version of this app has been imported 
> to Rosetta with a lot of untranslated stings. This will result in a fork of 
> the translation and lost efforts on both sides. It makes me a little bit sad 
> to see that a reasonable cooperation and coordination between upstream and 
> Ubuntu still does not exist.

This is a different problem: we haven't encouraged enough cooperation
between Ubuntu translation teams and upstream teams.  Basically, this
would be the same problem that happens in upstream teams: two people
start translating a single PO file without letting each other know, so
we end up with wasted work.  Here it's only more pronounced because of
the larger "distance" between the teams.


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